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Should we be flipping our triangle clockwise or counterclockwise?


If you're working with a triangular mesh, does it matter? :) Otherwise, just pick a direction. Counter-clockwise would probably be a wise choice. So would clockwise.


In the context of the assignment, counter-clockwise.


I was wondering where I had seen the name Delaunay before — realized he created Delaunay triangulation (, the standard method for turning point clouds into triangular meshes. Is this sort of Delaunay remeshing equivalent (or effectively similar to) to just considering the vertices of the mesh as a point cloud and running Delaunay triangulation in terms of the overall characteristics and quality of the mesh? Seems like we have a bit more info (local connectivity) here that makes this superior to just starting with a point cloud, but I'm having trouble understanding to what extent we preserve local connectivity patterns/treat them as accurate during the remeshing process.