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Why are there some yellow artifacts to the immediate right of the edge of the glasses? Does this have to do with the fringing effect when we talking about compositing in Lecture 5?


I was reviewing this for the final, and wasn't sure about the 8x8 blocks.

After re-watching lecture, Kayvon mentions that the image if broken down into 8x8 blocks, and the DCT is performed on each one of these blocks. Though I would comment this in case anyone else forgot.

Smarter compression schemes can do variable sized blocks.


Still a bit confused about why the blocks are so prominent here — sure, the blocks are passed through DCT and even quantized separately, but if no information loss occurs in DCT and they're all hit with the same quantization matrix, why do adjacent blocks of similar color/texture (e.g., on Kayvon's lower forehead) look so different?