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When I visited Pixar we were explained how the Marigold Bridge was made using Houdini (


everything looks really good, except the leaves on the floor they look really fake. Is there a reason why leaves and also peoples hair (on head or facial hair) still look bad ? Thanks


I also visited Pixar with sweyns! To add on to sweyns' comment, we also saw that every leaf is actually just a particle, which greatly reduces the work needed to render all of them. They also applied different actions to different levels of leaf particles - those that were completely isolated from the others would flutter and move differently than the ones that were clumped together at the bottom. Super cool!!!


Wow, so every leaf is a particle... Cool!


Recreating this in Houdini is really hard!


To answer @jballouz it's incredibly difficult to animate complex structures such as hair in a realistic way. But I thought Pixar did a great job in Brave.