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New this year:

Computational Video Manipulation


EE 267 has a 3 and 4 unit offering. The workload is the same up until the final project. A unity game in VR is sufficient for the 3 unit workload, while a more technical project with an extensive writeup is more appropriate for the 4 unit version.


Another interesting course to consider is EE368 (Digital Image Processing), usually taught during winter quarter. It goes more in depth on topics that were briefly covered in this class such as filtering, 2D signal processing and edge detection. But the class also covers other important topics such as histograms, Hough transforms, template matching, face detection, SIFT/SURF, etc. It's a fun course to take, especially if you're interested in image processing and low-level computer vision.


oh interesting - what do histograms mean/represent in the graphics world?


Would definitely recommend taking 348C for anyone who is at all interested in animation/simulation. It's definitely a challenging class but you learn a ton!