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What is meant by (3 mul + 6 add) or (7 mul + 14 add)? Is each lerp 1 multiplication and 2 additions?


Yes I believe so. The lerp equation in 1D is given by lerp(x, v0, v1) = v0 + x(v1-v0) so 1 mul and 2 add per lerp


Are there example where each of these would be more beneficial? If we didn't care about the cost for a specific thing (I know that this is a little unrealistic), would trilinear always be "better"?

More generally, I also briefly attempted to ask this in class but is there a protocol for what is better where or is it generally determined by personal preference? I know that for some things like the fan turning backwards it seems like there is a clear better option, but in other situations it is often unclear.


Same question: Are there any quantitive evaluation methods of anti-aliasing algorithms? I saw that most papers only gave examples without quantitive evaluation results.