Stanford CS248, Winter 2019

This page contains lecture slides and recommended readings for the Winter 2019 offering of CS248.

(Breadth of graphics, simple drawing of lines)
(Drawing a triangle via point sampling, point-in-triangle testing, aliasing, Fourier interpretation of aliasing, anti-aliasing)
Further Reading:
(Definition of linear transform, basic geometric transforms, homogeneous coordinates, transform hierarchies, perspective projection)
(perspective projection, texture coordinate space, bilinear/trilinear interpolation, how aliasing arises during texture sampling, prefiltering as an anti-aliasing technique)
(Z-buffer algorithm, image compositing, end-to-end 3D graphics pipeline as implemented by modern GPUs)
(Properties of surfaces (manifold, normal, curvature), implicit vs. explicit representations, basic representations such as triangle meshes, bezier curves and patches)
(Half-edge mesh structures, mesh operations such as tessellation and simplification)
(closest point, ray-triangle intersection, ray-mesh intersection, the relationship between rasterization and ray tracing)